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Six Months In: What's Duggan Doing For Detroit?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mayor Mike Duggan has been in office for six months. When he took office he asked residents to give him six months to show improvement in city services and government before they made a decision to leave the city.

The Detroit Journalism Cooperative has been taking a look at how and what Duggan has done in his first six months in office.

"We decided that at six months his grade is 'Incomplete'," says Nancy Derringer, reporter for Bridge Magazine.

Derringer says six months is far too short of a period of time to evaluate a mayoral administration facing the challenges Detroit faces.

“The single standard a mayor should be defined on is whether the population of the city is going up or going down,” Mayor Duggan told the Wall Street Journal over the weekend. Duggan has said the most important hurdle his administration faces is retention and growth of the city's population, and therefore tax base to pay for city services.

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