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Is the Working Relationship Working Between Mayor Duggan and City Council?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Members of Detroit City Council have avoided much of the negative publicity surrounding previous councils due to infighting and public disputes with city and state officials. Since the beginning of the year City Council appears to have a cordial working relationship among the members and with Mayor Mike Duggan's office.

"It's different because the mayor has actively pursued a relationship with council," says Councilperson Saunteel Jenkins.

Jenkins says Duggan has been a more communicative mayor than previous Detroit mayors, in part by inviting Council President Brenda Jones to press conferences and creating joint media statements with Jones. Jenkins says just because communication is better in City Hall doesn't mean the council members always agree on the issues the city faces.

"I believe it's about the way we choose to disagree," rather than whether or not there are disagreements, says Jenkins.

Council is rendered fairly powerless as the bankruptcy proceedings move forward through state-appointed emergency manager Kenvyn Orr. However, council has still been conducting meetings and holding votes on proposals, with the cooperation of Orr and Duggan.

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-- Laura Weber-Davis

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