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Poem: "Drinking the Gatorade" by Victor Shaw

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Is football your religion? Victor Shaw from Detroit’s youth-based Citywide Poets shares this poem with about the lack of separation between church and stadium.

Victor is beginning his first semester at Wayne State University this week. His poem was produced by WDET’s Laura Weber Davis. You can learn more about all of the talented youth poets at on our Brave New Voices page, and on our Tumblr.

"Drinking the Gatorade" by Victor Shaw

Wide Receiver pummels the line guard,

Blitz, kickoff, fumble in end-zone.

Linebacker intercepting, penalty tackle,

Third-ten skivvies, pulling sack half past turnover...

And the tailgate goes wild!

Snack table flips, spitting Buffalo Wild Wings sauce in my eyes.

Stinging. Good sting.

Bringing to mind Sunday School stories.

Noah plowing his ark through the end-zone,

OJ Simpson skinning a pig on his 2,000 yard altar run to the Vatican,

Confessing to Pope Madden the IX for loving the game and not his wife.

Michael Vick-Jane Goodall tag-team,

Missionaries to the dogs.

Pious Adonises meeting on field,

Arms outstretching,

Repentance kick!

Dripping the blood, and the flesh, and the Gatorade.

Channeling the fumble angel,

Clashing steel shoulder-guards,

Thy kingdom come in pursuit of the crucifix blitz.

Weekend warriors and weekend pastors,

The weekend sermon...

Flacco-Rodgers-Johnson singing gospel of the gridiron,

We all end up at the tailgate in the sky,

SUV trunk fridge,

Bowl of Funyuns,

Rice-Manning-Jesus Montana,

Crown of thorns and Super Bowl rings,

St. Peter keeps score from the pearly gates.

For God so loved the game that he dropped his only play,

That whom soever playeth shall not fumble, but have Blitz everlasting.

We all meet at the tailgate in the sky,

Where we watch the game, and play the game, and are the game.

Big game.

God's game.

America's game.