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Did DPS Test Scores Drop During Emergency Manager's Tenure?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Detroit Data and Democracy Project recently compiled MEAP data for the Detroit Public Schools since an Emergency Manager was put into place in 2009. According to the data, Detroit Public Schools trailed the Michigan average in proficiency for all 18 MEAP catagories despite DPS Emergency Manager Roy Roberts assertion that they had surpassed the Michigan state average in 14 of the 18 catagories. Craig speaks with Dr. Thomas Pedroni, Associate Professor of Curriculum Studies and Critical Education Policy Sociology at Wayne State University and Director of the Detroit Data and Democracy Project, about what the MEAP statistics mean for Detroit Public Schools and which areas need the most attention.

Craig also speaks with Steve Wasko, Assistant Superintendent for Detroit Public Schools, to get DPS' response to Detroit Data and Democracy Project's assertions. They also take calls from listeners.

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