The Craig Fahle Show

Detroit Works' Dan Kinkead and Laura Trudeau Discuss New Long-Term Plan

Thursday, January 2013

Two years of Detroit Works Long-Term Planning meetings and sessions culminate in the 347-page strategic framework plan, which Detroit Works released yesterday (Wednesday, January 8 2013). Craig discusses the Detroit Future City Framework plan with Dan Kinkead of Hamilton Anderson Associates and Detroit Works Long-Term Planning Technical Planning Team and Laura Trudeau, Senior Program Director for The Kresge Foundation and Detroit Works Project Long Term Planning Steering Committee.

The plan divides the city into five subject areas: Economic Growth, Land Use, City Systems, Neighborhoods, and Land & Buildings Assets.

As outlined in a recent Free Press Article, the plan intends to: Bolster stronger areas of the city in the face of population loss; Develop possible "house swapping" efforts to move people from isolated areas to stronger neighborhoods; Create stronger districts with better transit; Turn vacant areas into farms & forests; Get more people involved on all levels: from neighborhoods to business owners to government leaders; The Kresge Foundation is giving $150M over 5 years towards the plan.

How might you and your neighborhood be affected by the Detroit Future City plan ? What implications might the plan have for our region? Tune in to the audio player above and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo courtesy of Detroit Works Project.