The Craig Fahle Show

Incredible Journey to Midnight: Detroit Underground Railroad Lantern Tour

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Photo: Cassie Basler Craig Fahle talks with guest Karen Risko, the creator and Guide through the Detroit Underground Railroad Lantern Tour.

Follow a lantern-carrying guide around town and hear the stories of the brave people who escaped the shackles of slavery and sought freedom across the river to Canada. Follow the prominent abolitionists who aided them, and the influential politicians who raised their voices against oppressive ideology. The tour gives you insight into the role the courts played in enforcing the unpopular fugitive slave laws and how local episodes of popular resistance impacted the entire nation. Highlights of the tour: The Frederick Douglas and John Brown meeting spot and the section of town where the horrific race riot of 1863, dubbed“the bloodiest day that ever dawned upon Detroit.”

Do you have a pair of walking shoes, and are you ready for a unique night on the town?