The Craig Fahle Show

How Much Do You Know About the Lions?

Monday, May 12, 2014

Level One Questions

1. Who is the current coach of the Detroit Lions?

2. What is the Detroit Loins fight Song?

3. Who is currently the Detroit Lions General manager?

4. What number did Barry Sander wear?

5. What year did the lions lose every game?

6. Who was the coach of the lions worst season?

7. Who was the General Manager of the Lions from 2001 to 2008?

8. Steve Mariucci was the coach of the lions from 2003 to 2005. Where did he grow up?

9. Where did the Lions play their home games before they started playing at the Pontiac Silverdome?

10. What is the name of the Detroit Lions' mascot?


1. Jim Caldwell 2. Gridiron Heroes 3. Martin Mayhew 4. #20 5. 2008 6. Rod Marinelli 7. Matt Millen 8. Iron Mountain, UP 9. Tiger Stadium/Briggs Field 10. Roary the Lion

Level Two Questions

1. While it was never corroborated, Offensive tackle Lomas Brown said on ESPN that he purposefully missed a block that resulted in an injury of the quarterback. Who was the Lions Quarter back?

2. Who coached the 1991 and 1993 squads that won the NFC Central Division Title.?

3. What Detroit Lion won the Heisman trophy in 1988?

4. The Detroit Lions had considerable success in in the 1950s due in part to the efforts of their quarterback from 1950 to58. Name him.

5. Who did the Lions beat in their most recent playoff win?

6. Who played in Super Bowl XL at Ford Field in 2006

7. Who was the author who wrote a book about playing for the Detroit Lions and the NFL

8. Barry Sanders father famously told reporters that his son was good, but he was not as good as which NFL running back – name the player.

9. What former Detroit Lions head coach was known as “The Big Buck”

10. In November 2000, following a home loss to the Miami Dolphins, having had enough of what he called his team's unwillingness to "fight back," he resigned as head coach in mid-season. Who was he?


1. Scott Mitchell 2. Wayne Fontes 3. Barry Sanders 4. Bobby Layne 5. The Dallas Cowboys 6. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Seattle Seahawks 7. George Plimpton—the paper lion 8. Cleveland Browns Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown 9. Wayne Fontes 10. Bobby Ross

Level Three Questions

1. Dick Lane was a defensive back for the Detroit Lions from 1960-65. What was his nickname?

2. Martin Mayhew won a Superbowl ring playing for the Washington Redskins. What number Superbowl was it?

3. He grew up in Detroit and was a minority owner of the Detroit Lions, but left in 1959 to start a new team in the AFL. Until his death in March 2104, he owned the same team (Now and NFL team) and maintained a home in Grosse Pointe. Who is he?

4. Kevin Johnson Wore the number 85 while a Detroit Lion in spite of the fact that the number was officially retired. Johnson asked the original player’s family for permission. Who was the 85 retired for?

5. The franchise that would become known as the Lions started out in Portsmouth Ohio. What was their name?

6. Dutch Clark was a QB for the lions from 1934–1938. His number was retired. What number is it?

7. Name two Detroit Lions who sang back up on Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On

8. Who was the Lions quarterback in the 1957 NFL Championship game?

9. The Lions retired the number 37 in honor of what player?

10. Name the three players who wore the #20 for the Detroit Lions.


1. Night Train 2. Mayhew played in eight NFL seasons from 1989-1996. He won a Super Bowl in Super Bowl XXVI, starting for the Washington Redskins. 3. Ralph Wilson 4. Chuck Hughes WR 5. The Spartans 6. #7 7. Mel Farr and Lem Barney 8. Tobin Rote (Bobby Layne did not play) 9. Doak Walker (HB, K, P 1950-55) 10. The #20 was retired specifically for Sanders, even though the retired number was also worn by RB Billy Sims and DB Lem Barney, both of whom are also among the top all-time Lions at their positions.