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Detroit-Berlin Connection: Subcultural Exchange for Urban Development

In 2011 WDET's Martina Guzman created a series called the Detroit-Berlin Connection. Three years later a delegation made up of the most relevant and highly acclaimed creative organizations in Berlin will be in Detroit this weekend to continue the transatlantic dialogue.

The Detroit- Berlin Connection is a story about how Berlin counterculture has transformed the city over a 25-year period, since the fall of the wall and the reunification of the capital, with the help of a common language everyone could understand: Techno. The Detroit-Berlin Connection project is an attempt to return Berlin’s transformational energy back to the city of its origin: Detroit!

As part of the Happy Locals Initiative, the Detroit-Berlin Connection is a collaborative, transatlantic effort to bring together creative individuals and communities in the two cities with the goal of driving cultural and economic growth in Detroit. The group's first conference - a Subcultural Exchange for Urban Development - will be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) on May 23, 2014 and then continue annually. The conference, beginning at 4 p.m, is free and open to the public.