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Michigan Democratic Party Chair Says Snyder Should Hand Keys to Duggan

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lon Johnson speaks with Craig at the Mackinac Policy Conference about upcoming elections, Detroit's bankruptcy and Governor Snyder's policies.

"What this governor is doing and what this Republican party is doing just isn't working," says Johnson.

He says Snyder has "stripped democracy" by appointing an emergency manager over Detroit and that he believes Mayor Mike Duggan can "absolutely" handle the bankruptcy at this stage in the game.

"He gave a 1.8 billion dollar tax break ... to the corporations and CEOs and paid for it by raising taxes on seniors and cutting our schools by a billion dollars," says Johnson.

Johnson says the Democrats have the capacity to take over the Michigan House of Representatives and make Tim Greimel the next speaker.

He says if Democrats control the Michigan House, they will create a state "where we can succeed" by funding education, creating a jobs plan, supporting collective bargaining rights and protecting the environment.

-- Shelby Reynolds