The Craig Fahle Show

Call In: Dangerous Dogs and How To Be A Responsible Owner

Monday, July 28, 2014

Last week a 45-year-old jogger from Livonia was out for a run on a rural road, and was attacked and killed by two large dogs who lived nearby. The dogs were 100-pound Cane Corsos, an Italian, Mastiff-style dog bred to hunt wild boars. The dogs were turned over to authorities by the owner. The owner had no fence around his yard, and the dogs were frequently seen roaming the yard surrounding area by neighbors. Experts told the Detroit Free Press last week there is little a person can do to stop a vicious dog from attacking, once an attack has begun.

Should there be more stringent laws surrounding ownership of aggressive dog breeds? Should some breeds be banned altogether in the state? Is the onus for safety completely on the owner, and the threat of occasional attacks a risk we all accept in a dog-loving society? Where does dog ownership and the law intersect?

In 2011, Michigan state Senator Bert Johnson (D-Highland Park) was a victim of a random pit bull attack, which resulted in the need for reconstructive surgery on his hand. Johnson is also a dog lover and owner of a 250 lb. Mastiff. Craig speaks with Sen. Johnson about dog laws and ownership.