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Craig Fahle Party Quiz

Monday, April 16, 2012

For the first time, WDET invites listeners to participate in a political quiz for the chance to be and inaugural member of The Craig Fahle Party-where sides of the issues are examined and informed opinions are cultivated. Here are the questions.

Question 1

Name the candidate who aired this advertisement: “You borrow more and more…. We take your jobs” The cut starts 9 seconds in and is about 10 second long A: Pete Hoekstra aired this now infamous “Debbie Spend-it-Now” ad during this year’s Superbowl weekend coverage.


Listen to this song and tell us what 2012 Presidential Candidate tried to adopt it as a campaign song? A: Michelle Bachman used Tom Petty’s American Girl for a short time until Tom Petty threatened a law suit. The song was also used by Hillary Clinton in 2008


Who were the Swiftboat veterans and who did they attack?
A: a group of George W. Bush supporting Vets who bashed John Kerry in 2004.


In this Mitt Romney ad which aired before the Michigan Primary, what was the faux pas Many Michiganders noticed in the visual?

A: The photo of Mitt and his dad was from the New York World’s Fair in 1964, not the Detroit Auto Show.


Donna Rice was involved in a scandal involving what presidential candidate?

A: Gary Hart—reporters took a photo of her sitting on his lap with a cocktail after he challenged them to catch him cheating on his wife.


What Candidate adopted this song during the presidential campaign?

A: Sara Palin was introduced with the heart Song “Barracuda”—that was her nickname as a high school basketball player


Who approved of this message:

A: Rick Santorum


Campaign worker Andrew Young claimed to be the father of Rielle Hunter’s baby. He wasn’t, who was?

A: John Edwards (vice presidential Candidate with John Kerry in 2004)


Identify this song and tell us who used it in their political campaign?

A: Bill Clinton in 1992 during his first presidential campaign

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