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Craig Fahle Recaps WDET's "Detroit Is Listening" Meeting

Friday, February 24, 2012

On Thursday night, WDET brought Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh out to Birmingham. The event at the Birmingham Community House was designed to allow suburban voters to talk directly to an elected official in Detroit, to share their ideas and thoughts on the future of the city. Those that came were given an opportunity to ask questions and comment on Detroit's condition. The purpose was to get a real dialogue started between the city and its neighbors. The relationship has been rocky at times...but make no mistake, we are in a relationship with each other. The hallmark of any healthy relationship is the ability to effectively communicate. That includes praise when warranted, and constructive criticism, too. Both were on full display last night, and that's a good thing. One thing became increasingly clear as the night went on: people care. They really care. Even though there was disagreement at times on how to proceed, or what was possible in the short term, it was clear that everyone wanted the city to recover and prosper.

I want to give special thanks to President Pugh for agreeing to do this. Regardless of how you feel about the Councilman and the job he's doing, you must admit that It's not often a politician agrees to a meeting like this. This was a frank and open conversation with people that aren't his constituents. Even those that weren't necessarily happy with what he had to say at times said they were happy to have the opportunity to engage in a conversation, to get those lines of communication reconnected.

Its only a start. I hope we can do more of these meetings, and I certainly hope to bring some suburban officials to Detroit for a similarly open discussion.

Let's keep talking. Its a critical part of our shared future, and I'm happy to participate. I'm thankful that many of you are choosing to as well.

--Craig Fahle

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