The Craig Fahle Show

Congressional Candidate Debbie Dingell on Manufacturing, Energy & Democracy

Friday, August 1, 2014

Wayne State University Board of Governors Chair and Congressional Candidate Debbie Dingell discusses constituent priorities in Michigan’s 12th Congressional District, efforts to optimize healthcare and her aversion to partisan bickering.

Dingell, the wife of Congressman John Dingell, plans to fill her husband’s seat when he retires at the end of the year. “I’m someone who has spent a lifetime trying to bring people together,” says Dingell, who wrote her master’s thesis on Congress. She adds that the “unwillingness that exists for people to cooperate,” in Congress is a frustrating and complicated issue. “You’ve got to be able to sit in that room and try to bring people together,” she explains. However, Dingell also urges Americans, or more specifically Michigan residents, to step up and voice their concerns.

For example, one of the issues not being dealt with is Michigan’s crumbling infrastructure. “How many people drive and are driving on an infrastructure system that needs to be fixed?” The issue of Michigan’s roads is just one of the concerns that residents have in Michigan’s 12th Congressional District, which stretches from Ann Arbor to Dearborn and Trenton.

Dingell also says she’s willing to ask about the things she doesn’t know about if it means the end result will create a stronger community and a stronger Michigan. She’s worked with different healthcare systems and has talked with people to learn what’s working and what’s not, and she also founded the National Women’s Health Resource Center to include women in federally funded health research. Other priorities for Dingell include education, manufacturing and responsible fracking.