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Come Live in The D: Curbed Detroit's Sarah Cox

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Photo Courtesy of Curbed Detroit.

In our on-going conversation about what draws people to live in the city, Craig speaks with the Editor of Curbed Detroit, Sarah Cox about why she thinks the city has desirable real estate.

Here's a bit of background on Sarah: She grew up in the suburbs of Virginia but left the state after attending UVA to work as a writer in New York City. She intended to stay forever until it became apparent that the city was too expensive for people working in the creative class. As it turns out, Detroit makes her feel like a blogger's salary might almost be enough.

Visiting Detroit for the first time in June 2010, Sarah spent four weeks living in the famous $100 house in No Ham/Banglatown. After completing an MFA in Design Criticism at New York City's School of the Visual Arts, Sarah relocated from the cusp of a gentrified neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY to Ferndale, MI for a few weeks before moving to Hamtramck for most of the summer. After more east coast travel she moved back to Hamtramck and launched Curbed Detroit, a local neighborhood and real estate blog that is part of a brand founded in New York in 2004. Curbed Detroit covers the Detroit Metro area including homes for sale, development news, the foreclosure auctions, new businesses, and neighborhood trends. Sarah posts on the site 6-8 times a day on weekdays.

As someone new to the area, Sarah thinks its time to stop looking for new Detroit residents in the local suburbs and turn to the expensive coastal cities where no one can afford real estate anymore. Detroit is an affordable dream in comparison and Curbed has set out to prove this by showing amazing properties that normal, non-moguls can afford.

For more information on Curbed Detroit, or to read their blog, click here.

Photo Courtesy of Curbed Detroit.

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