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Detroit High-Schoolers' Solutions for the City

Monday, May 5, 2014

Detroit high school students from Cody Academy of Public Leadership will speak at a Wayne State University Law School symposium, sharing their solutions for the city.

The events, “Why the D? Detroit Youth Offer Solutions,” takes place Friday, May 9 in the Spencer M. Partrich Auditorium.

Cody Academy of Public Leadership juniors Torrianna Bradley and Brittany Agee are part of the symposium, present within the "Public Service" portion. They join Craig to share their experience as Detroit high schoolers and what policy-makers should hear from them.

"Us as kids, we're looked at as an unimportant view because we're young, but we have a lot to say and a lot that we want to see happen." Torrianna Bradley | Cody Academy of Public Leadership student

WSU Law student Matt Robb started the program at Cody involving students in developing solutions to Detroit's problems. He was Bradly and Agee's Civics teacher last year.

"I learned more in one year from these students than I did my whole education prior to [teaching them.]"

Matt Robb | WSU Law School Student