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Climate Change affects the Future of Michigan Agriculture

Wednesday, May 5, 2014

Photo Courtesy of NASA

The lead authors of the National Climate Assessment Dr. Jerry L. Hatfield and Dr. Eugene S. Takle discuss the possible effects of the climate on Michigan crops and how it will go on to affect the population.

The Obama Administration’s Climate Action Plan assesses the impacts of recent climate change according to the analysis of over 300 scientists and experts over the course of three years.

According to the report, weather that connects to climate change is occurring more frequently and becoming more intense. These weather events include extreme droughts and heavy rainfall. The experts call for immediate action to be taken.

The authors predict that heat waves and freezing winters will have an adverse effect on Michigan crops. In fact, many crops were damaged by the weather conditions in 2012 and the Michigan tart cherry crop was wiped out completely.

The findings call for immediate action to take place in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle for American citizens and to preserve an environment for future generations.

The report on the midwest region can be found here.