The Craig Fahle Show

Casey Kasem and Top Forty Quiz

Monday, June 16, 2014

1- When Casey Kasem’s America’s Top Forty began on July 4, 1970. The number one song of the week was a Randy Newman song covered by the band Three Dog Night. What was the song?

2- What was Casey Kasem’s signature sign off at the end of his show?

3- “Working My Way Back To You” was originally a hit by The Four Seasons, but was re-released in 1979 and became one of the Top Forty Hits of the 1980’s. What Motown Band released the later version?

4- “Call Me” was one of the biggest Top Forty hits of the 1980’. Who had that hit?

5- At the end of 2003, “Hey Ya” was number one. Name the band that had that hit.

6- What Character did Casey Kasem Voice on the cartoon Scooby Doo?

7- “Ants Marching” was released as a single in 1994. It made the top forty on the pop, adult contemporary and alternative charts. Who’s song was it?

8- Casey Kasem’s wife Jean played the role of Loretta Tortelli on what sitcom?

9- Casey Kasem Started his radio career in what Michigan City?

10- When Casey Kasem started his radio show in 1970, It was the last year that two of the greatest artists/bands of all time had Top Forty Hits on the Radio simultaneously. Who are they?

11-Dave Matthews played Otis, a man who works at the Pet store in this 2005 Movie.

12- Casey Kasem hosted the syndicated radio show American Top Forty most recently from 1988 to 2004. Who replaced him?

13- On Casey Kasem’s top forty list of the 1990s, Celine Dion was number 10 with this hit song from the film Titanic. Name it.


1. Mama Told Me Not to Come 2. "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars." 3. The Spinners 4. Blondie 5. OutKast 6. Shaggy 7. The Dave Matthews Band 8. Cheers 9. Flint 10. both the Beatles and Elvis 11. Because of Winn Dixie 12. Ryan Seacrest 13. My heart will go on