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Bussing Kids To After School Programs

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Photo Courtesy Of: Media City Film Festival

It's been a year since the Skillman Foundation teamed up with the Detroit Bus Company to offer DPS children transportation to after-school programs. Andy Didorosi and Yodit Mesfin-Johnson give us an update.

Many students in the City of Detroit are in need of a productive way to spend time after school. There are plenty of after school programs available, but students often do not have transportation to or from those programs.

Didorosi, CEO and Founder of Detroit Bus Company, says the company services 15 after-school programs. According to Didorosi, many kids can find a ride to school, but once they arrive at home, the children have very little to do from 3:00 onward.

"A lot of these programs have a great track record of getting kids across the stage at graduation. They really have an impact."

Andy Didorosi | The Detroit Bus Company

Mesfin-Johnson, Director of Business Development at New, has worked with the Skillman Foundation on several projects. She says part of their goal is to "build a sustainable and a substantaive business model.

"[We're trying] to work with business owners, the foundation community and individual donors who are invested in making sure kids have equitable transit." Yodit Mesfin-Johnson | New