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"Bridging 8 Mile" to Hold Challenge Days this Weekend

Bridging 8 Mile is an organization that seeks to unite the people who live on either side of Detroit's city limits. In their vision statement on their website it says, "it is common for whites to view members of the black community as 'the other;' dangerous, untrustworthy, and 'less than.' It is common for the black community to view whites as, uncaring, untrustworthy, and hostile."

The organizations goal is to conquer this divide through structured events like the "Challenge Days" coming up this weekend.

In this segment we hear from three members of Metro Detroit who appear to be bridging the divide: David Abramson, Robert Cooper, and Rasheda Williams.


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Do you agree with Bridging 8 mile? Is there a divide between the people who live within the limits of 8 mile and those who live outside of it? What side do you live on and how often do you cross the divide? Let us know, below...