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Council President Jones On Building Respect on Council

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones testifies before state House committee, May 2014

Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones says her management style employs the Golden Rule, to treat her colleagues as she wants to be treated.

"One of the things I wanted to make sure happened was there was respect and communication among all council members," says Jones. She says respect among the council members goes a long way to making sure city council has respect in the community. "It's very important to do everything we can to maintain the reputation of the council now."

Jones has been council president for six months, though she has been a sitting council member for several years. She was on city council through years of infighting and the occasional scandal among her colleagues. Though the current council has hit a couple bumps in the road so far this year, Jones says they are trying to learn to work well together.

"Being a long-seated council member means you have experience," Jones says of the importance of institutional knowledge. "I made sure I was always available for questions [new council members] had."

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Council President Jones have also released several joint statements and made joint appearances together in the spirit of cooperation.