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Roger Penske Wants Belle Isle Up to Snuff

Monday, May 12, 2014

Photo | Dustin Walsh, Crain's Detroit Business

Billionaire Roger Penske has made sure Belle Isle will be up to snuff for the Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix. Dustin Walsh of Crain's Detroit Business explains Penske's role in the park and in bringing the Scott Fountain to functionality.

Penske told Walsh, "I want to get an 'A'," explaining why he oversees the preparation of the park.

"[Roger Penske] really does love this area, he loves the venue, he loves the race, and he loves the city."

Dustin Walsh, Crain's Detroit Business

The historic, 90-year-old Scott Fountain will operate during the event and on weekends throughout the summer. According to Walsh, the event will center on the viewing of this relic.

The three-day event generates a 50-million-dollar economic impact on the area annually, says Walsh.