The Craig Fahle Show

Bankole Thompson: The Governor on Detroit's EFM.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Photo Courtesy of Matt Trevethan.

Senior Editor of the Michigan Chronicle, Bankole Thompson, stops by The Craig Fahle Show for his weekly talk on politics. This week, Craig and Bankole will be exploring a conversation Bankole had with Governor Snyder regarding the Emergency Financial Manager situation in the City of Detroit.

The Governor has stated that Detroit has a lot of positive things going on, but the financial crisis overshadows it. He hopes that through teamwork, the city can get on a positive path and put "divisive politics" aside. Snyder said the financial crisis in Detroit is a reflection of what he hopes is a linchpin, that "if we can solve this problem through teamwork it really creates an environment where we can move the entire city in a more positive path." In dealing with the financial situation, the governor wants city leaders, residents, and everyone who is invested in Detroit, "to join hands and put an end to the negative and get to the positive."

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Photo Courtesy of Matt Trevethan.