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Travis Wright: Bars of Gold Extended Interview

by: Travis Wright

Friday, July 20, 2012

The instrumental psych-punk band Wildcatting is comprised of guitarists Ben Audette and Scotty Lulianelli, bass player Nick Jones,and drummer Brandon Moss.

But when you add vocalist Marc Paffi, who also plays guitar and keyboard, they become Bars of Gold, a sharper and more ferociously raucous outfit.

The band’s 2010 record, “Of Gold,” sent them to upper echelon of locally-based, nationally buzzed-about bands. But after two years, with limited performances and one of the members living out of state, there were questions: Was Bars of Gold a real band? Would we ever get another album from them? And why aren’t they freaking huge?

When Audette, Lulianelli, and Moss stopped by WDET this week they confirmed that, yes, indeed they are a very real band. And they brought rough tracks from the forthcoming record, too. So there's that to look forward to.

Why aren’t they huge? Still a good question.

But what they lack in immediate success, Moss says they make up for with a chemistry they’ve been honing for well more than a decade.

Bars of Gold play the Shelter at Saint Andrew’s Hall on Saturday, July 21 with The Company We Keep, the Summer Pledge, and Jamaican Queens. Doors open at 6 and the first band plays at 7.