The Craig Fahle Show

Americans Detained at the Border

Tuesday, October 12, 2013

Photo courtesy of Ambassador Bridge Co.

On The Media is reaching out to WDET listeners in an ongoing discussion about detainment of American citizens by the Department of Homeland Security. They want you to reach out to your representative in Congress to find out if you can get answers around unpublished rules and policies regarding detention of American citizens. On the Media’s coverage began with a personal story from one of their producer’s - Sarah Abdurrahman - who was detained with her family, for many hours and for reasons that were never provided to them, at the Canadian border at Niagara Falls. WDET’s Laura Weber-Davis spoke with On The Media host Brooke Gladstone about a tool they created they hope you will use to get more answers out of our elected officials.

You can hear Sarah's story about her detainment, and the detainment of a Detroiter at our border crossing, here.