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Amber Arellano of Education Trust - Midwest

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Click below to view the Michigan Education Trust Annual Report and What our Students Deserve Documents Released on February 9:

Education Trust - Midwest Annual Report 2012

Education Trust - Midwest: What Our Students Deserve

Amber Arellano, Executive Director of the Education Trust-Midwest joins Craig to discuss the ever-changing landscape of education reform in Michigan. The Education Trust releases their annual report February 9th. While there’s been much soul searching over the dismal test scores of public school students in Detroit on national testing, test scores for Michigan’s white and more affluent students are also heading in a troubling direction when compared to their peers in other states. The report includes sobering data on student achievement that cut across all geographic, racial and income levels in the state. Mischa Bashir, Superintendent of Inkster Schools joins the conversation with good news coming out of Baylor-Woodson Elementary where test scores are consistently rising in spite of community challenges.

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Image courtesy of Ryan Garza / The Flint Journal.