The Craig Fahle Show

Metro Moms Feeding Their Families: A Shoppers Panel

February 21, 2013

We asked our listeners to shop for one week’s food and tell us what they spent, where they went, and what they ate. Most of our volunteers spent between 9 and 12 dollars per person per day on food. We invited three of our thiftiest shoppers to come in to the studio to talk about how they feed their families, and to talk about how much it costs to feed a family well.

Amanda Kay, Birmingham: feeds four.
Sarah Isaksen, Birmingham: feeds four.
Jenni Moss, Huntington Woods: Four family members, 2 adults, 2 young teens.

Amanda - Average price her person per day: $9.28

Sarah - Average price per person per day: $10.33

Jenni - Average price per person per day : $7.00

We also asked listeners in on online survey how much they spent of food each week. See the survey results here.

This series is made possible by the generous support of our Sustaining Members. Because of you, WDET can bring this critical story to everyone in our region.