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Ann Delisi Interviews Famous Milliner Stephen Jones

November 2, 2014

"I knew lots of people who were sort of singers, but I knew them before they became singers and it was people like Boy George with Culture Club and Duran Duran... I knew them really at the very beginning and wearing hats became a part of their look. I still continue to make hats for a lot of singers today, whether its Beyonce or Lady Gaga or Rihanna... they are still, in a way, my core clients." - Stephen Jones

A selection of Jones' hats on display at MOCAD

Famous British milliner Stephen Jones joins Ann Delisi in studio during a visit to Detroit. In addition to his work with famous designers including Vivienne Westwood and Jean-Paul Gaultier, Jones has created hats for a host of musicians, from Madonna and Lady Gaga to Mick Jagger. Some of his earliest clients were fellow members of London's "Blitz Kids" (Boy George and Duran Duran), a group credited with launching the New Romantic movement in the late '70s. He shares what it's like to design for the stage, the physics of hat making, and his experience working with Princess Diana. His next collection, Hatsville USA, will draw inspiration from Detroit.

Jones, a perennial favorite of the royal family, was in town to participate in the inaugural event for the MOCAD's New Audience Development Group which aims to bring original and inspiring programs to the metro-Detroit region, engaging all those interested (creative professionals, families, seniors, and youth) in what the contemporary culturati is doing, thinking, and making. Hosted by Linda Dresner, the luncheon also featured Hamish Bowles, VOGUE's International Editor at Large, and acclaimed jewelry designer (and Detroit native) Vicki Sarge.

Stephen Jones participates in a panel discussion at MOCAD. Photo credit: Camera Jesus.

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