Culinary Agents: Yum Village Wants To Rep Chefs To Sucess

August 8, 2014

By Travis Wright

"We take a chef, much like ourselves, we go over everything they want to do in terms of if they want to be a pop-up restaurant, or if they want to be a chef that does cooking shows, or if they want to make a book of recipes and, from there, we create events that these chefs can participate in."

Culture City is premiering a new, recurring segment called Cork & Fork with a conversation looking at two young food dudes from Detroit who have founded a company that aims to help chefs get their name in ears and their food in mouths.

Yum Village is the brainchild of chef Brent Foster and marketing professional Godwin Ihentuge. They call themselves culinary agents, in the same vane as music or sports personalities have agents that help them develop their brand and seek-out monetary opportunities.

On August 14th, Yum Village is hosting a pop-up dinner at the M@dison Building downtown Detroit.

Ihentuge spoke about Yum Village with WDET's Travis Wright.