UMS Students and Administrators on Einstein on the Beach

WDET has been bringing you coverage of Einstein on the Beach, which will be kicking off its latest international tour at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, January 20 – 22. This genre-bending opera by Robert Wilson and Philip Glass has never been performed anywhere in North America outside of New York since it debuted in 1976. This fact is part of the reason why it's a big deal that the show is coming to Michigan. Outside of the actual stage performances, lectures and other events related to Einstein on the Beach have been scheduled for students as well as the public.

On Friday, January 6, about 30 University Musical Society (UMS) students enrolled in a Design and Production seminar at the University of Michigan were given a behind the scenes look at some of the technical elements of the opera. These students met with Will Knapp, the Production Manager for Einstein on the Beach, who talked about some of the challenges of staging the opera in various theaters around the world. Knapp read stage directions, displayed tiny prop models, and talked about his experience working with Robert Wilson, before taking the students on stage to view some of the actual props and lights that will be used in the performances.

WDET Reporter Laura Herberg and Digital Producer Matt Elliott were in attendance and caught up with some of these students and a couple administrators, to find out their thoughts on having Einstein on the Beach on campus.