University of Michigan to Offer Discounted Need-based Student Football Tickets

February 24, 2015

By Marissa Gawel

Financial aid at the University of Michigan no longer applies just to tuition. The University of Michigan’s athletic department has announced that recipients of federal Pell Grants are eligible for discounted season tickets for the school’s sports teams. Student Body President Bobby Dishell says the Student Government proposed the idea to the Athletic Department after receiving survey results about the large role sports play in the “Michigan experience.”

“If we’re gonna say that this is such a big part of being a Wolverine, of being a student here, then it should be accessible to students. If Michigan’s gonna say, you should be here regardless of your need, then we should also make sure that our experiences are just as accessible.”

Dishell says students who meet qualifications can buy football, basketball, and hockey season tickets for about 40% off the normal student price. He says the university is the first school to implement a program like this.