Identity & Prostheses: Artist Steven Locke Returns to Detroit (for a bit)

May 15th, 2014

What is Between You and Me - Steve Locke

BY Travis Wright

Contemporary artist Steve Locke left Detroit in the early-'80s to study and seek out a career on the East Coast. He found what he was looking for and never really looked back. But the 50-year-old painter is back in his hometown this weekend to celebrate the opening his first-ever exhibition in Detroit.

There is no one else left to blame” opens Friday at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. Hip-hop duo Passalacqua will perform.

The show was originally displayed at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. Chief Curator Helen Molesworth says, "The paintings evoke historical traumas such as the beheadings of the French Revolution, or the lynching of African Americans, as well as reference the more current anxieties of the last decade: terrorism, war, and torture. Whether embedding them in the wall of the museum, or propping them onto sculptural supports, Locke experiments with a variety of display strategies for paintings. In each instance, “business as usual” is refused, suggesting subtle hopes for new ideas and expanded freedoms."

Locke spoke about his life and his work with WDET’s Travis Wright.