STAR: Green Living Science Redefines Recycling Education at the Lincoln Street Art Park

May 8, 2014

By Travis Wright

WDET’s STAR initiative supports arts and culture non-profits that do important work on humble budgets.

Maybe you've driven by the Lincoln Street Art Park, near the Recycle Here! recycling facility near Grand Boulevard, in Detroit's New Center area. More goes on there than you'd ever know without getting out of your car and poking around a bit. Or unless perhaps you're a kid in Detroit Public Schools.

On those very eclectic grounds is where you'll find Green Green Living Science, an organization that provides innovative recycling education for Detroit Public Schools students in a creative format at the Lincoln Street Art Park.

Executive Director Rachel Klegon spoke the organization’s work with WDET’s Travis Wright.

A silent art auction called Art & Amble is planned for May 31st at Corktown Studios in Detroit. Proceeds will go to benefit Green Living Science. More info here.