Student Brings Gun To School, Commits Suicide

March 21, 2013

Police in Southgate say they’re investigating a student’s death at Davidson Middle School Thursday morning. Police and school officials say the teenager brought a gun to the school and shot himself. Southgate school Superintendent Bill Grusecki says another student found the 14-year-old in a bathroom. The victim was rushed to a hospital, where he died. Grusecki says the building was locked down immediately, and after it was secured, students were sent home with parents. Classes at Davidson have been canceled until Monday, when counselors will be available for the students. Police say the weapon was a Glock handgun but investigators don’t know where the teen got it or who owns it. Southgate Public Safety Director Tom Coombs says there’s no indication that the teen intended to harm anyone else, or that he had been bullied. The student did leave a note addressed to a fellow student, but police did not say what the note said.