Governor Snyder Signs Bills to Redevelop State Fairgrounds

Monday, February 9, 2012

By Jonathan Timm

Photo by Jonathan Timm

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New legislation may soon spur redevelopment projects at the Michigan State Fairgrounds in Detroit. Governor Snyder and state legislators signed bills today that could bring the site back to life. WDET’s Jonathan Timm has more.

Governor Snyder joined state legislators to sign two bills allowing the city or a private developer to purchase the fairgrounds in a competitive bidding process. The project is outlined in the consent agreement between the city and the state.

The legislation also creates a panel of neighborhood groups to advise officials on the best use of the land. Tami Salisbury is on that panel. She says nearby residents would be happy with any of the possible projects for the fairgrounds … as long as they stick around.

“Sustainability. I think that’s the most important thing at this point. We don’t wanna see a use – in today, out tomorrow. I think it's really really important that … whatever’s put in here … whatever’s agreed to is sustainable long term and compliments all the activities that ARE going on.”

Community groups and officials have offered several ideas for new uses of the land. Governor Snyder says he’s open to a number of potential projects, but says developers will determine the details. I’m Jonathan Timm. WDET News.