Governor Snyder Announces 2016-17 Budget

February 11, 2015

By Marissa Gawel

Governor Rick Snyder proposed his 2016-17 state budget today. Governor Snyder’s $54 billion plan gives more funding to state police officer training, community colleges and universities, and skilled trade training. Snyder says he also made budget cuts across state departments to deal with lower revenue.

“So we went through a very thoughtful process of actually going to the department, asking them to propose how they thought they could tighten their belts, about how they could be more efficient, and what programs they could scale back. So it was very collaborative. There’s, you’re talking, 50, 60, 70 programs overall.”

Snyder says the lower revenue is mostly caused by business tax credit claims. He says less money is going to roads and health programs, but he hopes these shortages will be offset by funding from other sources.