Right On, Bro: Meet Detroit Music Video Makers The Right Bros.

August 20, 2014

By Travis Wright

Townsley & Miller

"They're in the field and it got very hot, and it helps the performances because they're in a huge ring of fire,you know? You're not on a stage in front of a green screen faking it."

Detroiters Andrew Miller and Jamin Townsley are perhaps better know around town as The Right Brothers, a video production team that's been prolific as of late, pumping out stylized videos for contemporary Detroit acts such as Jamaican Queens ,Tunde Olaniran, Passalacqua and James Linck.

The hip-hop duo (and Kresge Fellows) Passalacqua has been a creative muse for The Bros. After a documentary last year, they've collaborated yet again on a video for a new song called "The Baptism" from their latest EP titled Church.

Miller and Townsley speak about their work with Travis Wright, host of Culture City.

Passalacqua 'THE BAPTISM' featuring Flint Eastwood [Trailer] from The Right Brothers on Vimeo.

Jamaican Queens | KIDS GET AWAY from The Right Brothers on Vimeo.

James Linck 'Get This Money' featuring Mic Write from The Right Brothers on Vimeo.

Tunde Olaniran 'The Highway' from The Right Brothers on Vimeo.