Smitten Audio In The Dark: Hear Creative Radio in Communal Space

September 4, 2014

By Travis Wright

" That's what we do, we are the knights of artistic radio --- the gang!."

A live radio event that takes place around Europe called "In The Dark" is collaborating with metro Detroit's "Smitten Mitten Audio Collective" to present an evening of radio stories from around the world.

The event is called "The Poetry of Places," and throughout the evening those who attend will hear stories that focus on specific locations around the world. The stories will be heard inside the Matrix Theatre with the lights turned off.

Katherina Smets is a radio producer from Belgium who teaches radio at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp.

Zack Rosen is a freelance radio producer and writer based in Detroit who has worked at WDET and produces for NPR, PRI, BBC and more.

When they spoke about the event with WDET's Travis Wright, Smets described the scene at “In the Dark” events.

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