Holy Trinity: Passalacqua, Syblyng & Assemble Present 'Church: Revival'

July 25, 2014

By Travis Wright

"We want to give more than is usually given, we want this to be the livest show you've ever seen ... a huge shebang!."

It’s been a good while since the dynamic, boisterous and baritoned rap duo Passalacqua blessed us with new music.

As it goes, the wait proved provocative, as Blaksmith (Brent Smith) and Mister [Bryan Lackner] teamed-up with Seth and Jax Anderson to satisfy the two year wait. The Andersons are the brother-sister team from the raucous, bolo-tie indie wearin’ rock outfit Flint Eastwood. But here, as SYBLYNG, they're putting in work as a production team, creating a new, dramatic atmosphere for these passionate rappers to work within. The new record is called "Church." I testify, it's soul quaking.

Calling on event production squad Assemble, national underground rap star Open Mike Eagle, as well as other special guests, this weekend's Church: Revivalparty -- going down at a new venue in Hamtramck called Eight & Sand -- might be one of the most memorable of the summer.

Passalacqua & Syblyng performed "Stray Dogs" at WDET's Studio A when they came in to chat about the project with WDET's Travis Wright.

The interview starts after Travis asks Jax to talk about the new endeavor with SYBLYNG.

A special thanks to WDET's ALex Trajano for engineering the session.

Listen to Passalacqua & SYBLYNG perform "Daniel" for Culture City at WDET's Studio A