Opening Day From 400 feet In The Air... And Down On The Street (Photo Gallery)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Photos: Cassandra Basler

The Detroit Tigers start off the 2014 season perfect thanks to shortstop Alex Gonzalez's walk-off single. The Tigers beat the Kansas City Royals 4-3 Monday. And, like most home openers here in Detroit, the people came out in force. In fact, record force. WDET's Pat Batcheller reported that 45,086 tickets were sold, which is the largest Comerica Park home opener crowd ever.

But what did Detroit look like outside of Comerica Park? Well, we have some shots for you. WDET's Cassandra Basler was up nearly 400 feet, on the David Broderick Tower in downtown Detroit and snapped the bird's eye view scene of the city. She was also down on the street and got the tailgaters. Check out the above photo gallery.