TV's "Fonz" Helps People With Neurological Disorder

WDET's Pat Batcheller and actor Henry Winkler

NOTE: Due to a technical problem, the audio from this interview is unavailable.

Upper Limb Spasticity is a condition affecting about one million Americans, many of them stroke victims. It essentially immobilizes the muscles in the arms. And although it is treatable, many people don’t know about it. One person who does know about it is actor Henry Winkler, whose mother had it after she suffered a stroke. Winkler addressed the Brain Injury Association of Michigan's Annual Conference in Lansing on Friday. The star of television's "Happy Days" is also a spokesman for the Open Arms Campaign, which was created to help patients and their families deal with upper limb spasticity. For more information about the campaign, its partners, treatment options, and stories from people affected, visit the Open Arms Campaign web site.