Oakland County Activates 911 Texting

January 26, 2015

By Marissa Gawel

Photo Credit: Adam Fagen/flickr

Residents of Oakland County can now report emergencies by text. The Sheriff’s Department has activated 911 texting for people in situations where they can’t call. Chief of Emergency Management Operations Mel Maier says since opening the line at the beginning of the month, they’ve received about 50 messages.

“We’ve had about a dozen that were legitimate concerns, whether they were reporting a quality of life issue or a suspicious activity or a crime, but the other ones were people saying, ‘Hey are you guys working? Are you accepting texts?’ And we’re sending back, ‘Yes we are. If it’s not an emergency, please don’t text.’”

Maier says the department is giving the texts the same level of attention they give to emergency calls.