WDET's Travis Wright Speaks With Michigan's 9th Congressional District Candidates

After controversial redistricting across the state, Michigan's congressional races have been hotly contested this election season. Take the newly redrawn Ninth district, for instance.

Long-time representative Sander Levin is chairman of the Congressional Ways and Means Committee. He last represented the 12th District but is now running for re-election against Republican challenger Don Volaric and Libertarian candidate Jim Fulner in the new Ninth.

Volaric says that he's not a career politician, a trait he believes his potential constituents should care about if they want prosperous communities.

Fulner says that while Congress needs fresh faces and perspectives, he isn't running for total victory. A "win" in his book, he says, is the chance to spread Libertarian ideals and compete in debates with the incumbent congressman.

Speaking of Sander Levin, he believes that after 29 years in office, his experience and willingness to find bi-partisan solutions will land him an election.