Poll Shows Widespread Support For Providing State Money To Detroit

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Roughly eight in ten respondents in the new poll say they view Detroit’s financial health as very important or essential to the health of the state. Nearly two-thirds of people in the survey say it’s a top priority or important for their elected officials to address Detroit’s financial recovery. And they say they prefer Gov. Rick Snyder’s original 20-year plan for annual $18 million payments …rather than a single lump sum payment to Detroit.

Still, nearly 60 percent of people in the survey hold a negative view of the city, and most say they wouldn’t want their child or a close friend to move here. But a full 96 percent of the survey participants say they have been to Detroit…and most said they had a positive experience and would visit again.

The poll results are being released today by the Detroit Journalism Cooperative, a group of local media outlets that includes WDET. The poll was conducted by EPIC MRA earlier this month and only included likely voters who live outside of the city of Detroit.

Legislators are set to consider 10 bills today (Tuesday) that include funding for Detroit with accountability and reporting conditions.

This poll was taken by likely voters.

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