Re-Shoring Industrial Sewing: The Makers Coalition Brings Manufacturing Back to Michigan

April 9, 2014

By Travis Wright

Last fall, WDET introduced you to a new fashion industry organization called the Detroit Garment Group Guild. In that interview, DG3's founder and the editor of StyleLine Magazine, Karen Buscemi, said the group planned to introduce a program that would build the region's industrial sewing manufacturing economy.

This week, the DG3 announced The Makers Coalition. Already underway in Minnesota, the Michigan partnership is allied with Henry Ford Community College, the Lear Corporation, the Southeast Michigan Community Alliance and others to implement an industrial sewing curriculum that would largely serve unemployed and under-employed residents.

Busecmi tells WDET’s Travis Wright the Coalition seeks address a need in the automotive sector and beyond.

The Makers Coalition from Ken Friberg and Daniel Life on Vimeo.