Macomb County Suspects Possible West Nile Death

Macomb County officials are looking into what appears to be the state’s first fatality this year caused by West Nile Virus.

The County’s health department says a 48 year old man died after being hospitalized with symptoms earlier this month. State officials should be able to confirm the disease within a few weeks.

Sue Tremonti is with the Macomb County Health Department. She says the number of West Nile cases has dropped in recent years.

“We had a huge die-out of crows at one point in time…and the very next couple of years we had very few cases…because the infective agents…the birds were not there for the mosquitoes to bite and become infected and then bite human beings.”

Tremonti says only one out of every 150 people infected with West Nile Virus…become seriously ill. She advises Metro Detroiters to take steps to avoid mosquito bites…such as staying indoors at dawn and dusk when the insects are most active.