Livonia Welcomes New Film Studio

Livonia is the home of a new motion picture studio.

For the past year, French producer Philippe Martinez has been building a team of creative people to produce films here in Michigan. With a staff of about 50 local writers, producers and technicians, Maxsar Digital Studios officially announced its presence this week. Martinez says state film incentives brought him to Michigan and he’s working to develop local talent instead of shipping in people from the west coast.

“There are filmmakers that I’m sure will follow this example and move here. You just want them to feel welcome. You want the press to support what they do so we can hire more and train more qualified workers to do a great job. So, I think the most important thing is to make them feel welcome.”

Martinez says his studio aims to make up to five films per year.

One of the projects scheduled to shoot this summer is a sci-fi action film written by Dearborn screenwriter Stevie Robinson. “Scar 23” is budgeted at $16.5 million and should be completed by the spring of next year.