12,000 Volunteers Needed to Renovate Osborn High School

January 22, 2015

By Marissa Gawel

Photo Credit: Michigan State Historic Preservation Office/flickr

A Detroit non-profit is planning a multi-million dollar renovation of Osborn High School and its surroundings. The organization Life Remodeled raised five million dollars last year to repair Cody High School and 300 nearby blocks. Executive Administrator Haley Bodine says the non-profit is working with Detroit Public Schools leaders to determine what work Osborn needs.

“Some ideas, again not finalized, are replacing the roof--the roof of the high school is in severe and desperate need of replacement. We’re looking at possibly renovating the basketball gym, and we’ll have volunteers doing a deep clean of the school.”

Bodine says all the heavy lifting will take place during a six-day stretch in August. She says they’re looking for 12,000 volunteers.