Leonard's "Freaky Deaky" to Receive Film Incentives

The State of Michigan says a film based on a best seller by a Michigan writer will receive the production tax incentive.

The Michigan Film Office says the film “Freaky Deaky”, based on Elmore Leonard’s 1988 best seller, will receive $2.8 million in assistance. The Metro Detroit based writer says his crime story about 60s radicals, kidnapping and the bomb squad is set here with many local references.

“It take place in Detroit. The main character is in charge… he’s not in charge… he’s a bomb squad member and he’s hoping for a different job because his girlfriend doesn’t like him fooling with bombs.”

The film version of “Freaky Deaky” will be directed by Charlie Matthau – actor Walter Matthau’s son. This will mark the 14th time an Elmore Leonard novel has been adapted for the big screen.