Arabic Aerosol: Artist Mohammed Ali at the Islamic Society of North America

August 28, 2014

By Travis Wright

"Art is the most powerful means to make change in society."

The Islamic Society of North America holds its annual conference in Detroit this weekend. More than 20,000 Muslims from across the world are convening downtown for panel discussions, workshops, a speeches from keynote speakers the likes of former President Jimmy Carter.

Artist and activist Mohammed Ali is in town. He dropped by to speak with WDET's Travis Wright. Ali has been melding together street-art and Islamic script and patterns for a decade now. He combines meaningful messages that connect people of all faith in multicultural cities across the globe. Today his Aerosol-Arabic project is recognized as one of the first explorations into Arabic-script influenced graffiti and has inspired new generations of artists.

He speaks with Travis about the role of art in times of conflict.