Music with a Message: Invincible, Miz Korona & Tunde Olaniran Create a Live-Action Mix-Tape

July 11, 2014

By Travis Wright

(Tunde Olaniran, Invincible, Miz Korona, Travis Wright)

"Instead of saying 'welcome to Detroit, here's a flyer of things that are happening' ... let's give them a live mix-tape and show them a really vibrant representation of the city ."

A trio of Michigan artists are producing a one-of-a-kind concert in Detroit.

Detroit rappers (and activists) Invincible and Miz Korona, along with ever-rising Flint vocalist Tunde Olaniran, have assembled a band comprised of poets, jazz musicians and singers from around the region. There's a visual component to the show, as well.

They describe the project, titled “I Do Mind Dying,” as a live mix-tape. When the trio spoke with WDET's Travis Wright, Miz Korona described their collaborative, creative spirit.